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CanDo Laundry Services Acquires Telford Laundry Ltd

CanDo Laundry Services Acquires Telford Laundry Ltd

CanDo Laundry Services Acquires Telford Laundry - Embracing New Opportunities with a Customer Focused Approach

In a significant development for both companies and the local community of Telford, CanDo Laundry Services acquires Telford Laundry Ltd. This strategic move not only marks a milestone in the growth of CanDo Laundry Services but also ensures job security for 60 local employees in the region. The acquisition aims to bring Telford Laundry into the fold, fostering a seamless transition period and embracing new opportunities for capitalizing on innovative ways of working. CanDo Laundry Services has been working on the transition with Telford Laundry over the last two and a half years. With a strong commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction and operational excellence, this deal sets a promising path for the future of both companies.

Securing Jobs and Smooth Transition

One of the primary objectives of the acquisition was to safeguard the livelihoods of the dedicated workforce at Telford Laundry Ltd. The decision to continue operating the factory as usual demonstrates CanDo Laundry Services’ sincere concern for the employees and their families. The experienced team at CanDo recognises the invaluable expertise of Telford Laundry’s personnel and intends to foster a collaborative environment during the transition period. 

During the transitional phase, both companies will work hand in hand to identify opportunities for synergies and streamline operations, ensuring that the integration is seamless and efficient. CanDo Laundry Services believes in nurturing a culture of mutual respect and open communication to make this process a success, benefiting both the employees and the overall business. Over the course of time, both sites will be referred to as ‘CanDo Laundry Services’ and detailed regarding location specifics such as, Port Talbot and Telford.

Customer Focus: Driving Success

At the core of CanDo Laundry Services’ ethos lies an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. With the inclusion of Telford Laundry into the company, this commitment is set to be strengthened further. Customers can expect a broader range of services, improved delivery timelines, and enhanced quality standards. The pooling of resources and expertise will empower CanDo Laundry Services to cater to a more diverse clientele with tailored textile rental and laundry solutions to meet their laundry needs.

The customer-focused approach will extend beyond the quality of service. CanDo Laundry Services aims to engage with its customers actively, seeking feedback and suggestions to continuously improve their offerings. This strategy ensures that the company stays responsive to the evolving demands of the market and maintains its position as a preferred choice for laundry services.

Capitalising on New Ways of Working

The acquisition of Telford Laundry Ltd opens the door to exciting new opportunities for CanDo Laundry Services. With the addition of a well-established company to their portfolio, CanDo gains access to a broader network of clients and partners. This expanded reach provides fertile ground for exploring innovative ways of working and driving growth.

The integration of Telford Laundry’s technology and expertise into CanDo’s existing infrastructure will pave the way for operational efficiencies and cost optimisation. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and data analytics, the company can optimize production processes, minimize waste, and reduce its environmental footprint.


The acquisition ensures job security for the 60 employees at Telford Laundry Ltd. CanDo Laundry Services is dedicated to maintaining normal factory operations and fostering a collaborative environment during the transition, thus benefiting the local community and its workforce.

The acquisition is expected to enhance the quality of services. CanDo Laundry Services is renowned for its customer-focused approach, which will be extended to Telford Laundry’s offerings. The integration of expertise and resources will result in improved service quality and a broader range of options for clients. This solidifies the relationship both companies have established over the last two and a half years.

Customer relationships are a top priority. CanDo Laundry Services will continue to uphold its customer-focused approach, ensuring minimal disruption to existing clients. Any changes in operations will be communicated transparently, and customer feedback will be actively sought to improve the overall experience.

The acquisition presents exciting opportunities for both companies to explore new ways of working. The pooling of technology, expertise, and resources will lead to operational efficiencies, improved service delivery, and potential innovations in the laundry services sector.

Any potential changes in pricing or service packages will be communicated well in advance. CanDo Laundry Services is committed to maintaining competitive pricing while offering enhanced value to clients through improved services.

Both CanDo Laundry Services and Telford Laundry Ltd are dedicated to sustainability. By integrating best practices from both entities, there is potential to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and implement eco-friendly practices, contributing positively to sustainability goals.

Existing contracts and commitments will be honoured. CanDo Laundry Services will work diligently to ensure a seamless transition for all clients, with minimal disruption to ongoing services.

The integration process has taken place over the last two and a half years and will involve collaboration between teams from both companies. Regular communication, comprehensive planning, and a focus on shared goals will facilitate a smooth transition, benefiting employees, clients, and stakeholders alike.

Yes, as part of the integration process, Telford Laundry Ltd will undergo a rebranding to align with the CanDo Laundry Services family. This change will be executed thoughtfully, taking into consideration the heritage of both companies while presenting a unified and strong identity to clients and the market. Rest assured, the essence of quality and service that Telford Laundry represents will be preserved and enhanced under the new branding.

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