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CanDo Laundry Services at the TSA Spring Conference 2024


This April, CanDo Laundry Services actively participated in the TSA Spring Conference, which took place on 15-16 April at the Hilton St. George’s Park in Burton Upon Trent. The TSA conference assembled 90% of the industry leaders, presenting a crucial platform for dialogue, learning, and networking. Daniel Shepherd, our Managing Director, alongside Craig Penfold, our Commercial Director, represented CanDo Laundry Services. Their attendance ensured we were at the forefront of discussions that tackled a range of contemporary issues within the laundry sector.

A Gathering of Industry Leaders

The TSA Spring conference provided a unique forum for those in the laundry services industry to reconnect and exchange ideas after a challenging period. With topics spanning from diversity and inclusion to the latest in hygiene and sustainability, the event catered to a broad spectrum of interests. It was an educational and enriching experience, highlighted by in-depth discussions and the exchange of best practices among the industry’s top minds. The overwhelming turnout of industry participants underscored the conference’s relevance, establishing it as an essential event for networking and growth in our field.

Sustainability: The Industry’s Commitment to the Environment

Sustainability was a dominant theme at this year’s conference. The TSA’s focus was on educating attendees about the lifecycle of textiles, emphasizing the importance of making them last longer to minimize environmental impact. This involves a comprehensive understanding of what goes into manufacturing textiles—including the considerable energy required—and how each phase of a textile’s life contributes to sustainability. The discussion also highlighted the detrimental impact of missing or damaged linen on sustainability efforts, reinforcing the need for better management practices in our operations.

Pasha the Pillowcase: A Mascot for Sustainability 

A key feature of the sustainability discussions was the discussion of TSA’s mascot for sustainability- “Pasha the Pillowcase,” a campaign aimed at addressing the 62% of hospitality textiles that go missing, are stolen, or simply forgotten. This initiative seeks to educate the market on the critical importance of stock rotation and utilisation as integral to sustainability. It serves as a reminder of our responsibility towards more sustainable practices, emphasising how proper textile management can significantly reduce environmental footprints.

Utilities and Industry Innovations: Shaping the Future

The move toward integrating sustainable energy sources such as heat pumps and solar energy was a significant point of discussion highlighted by the TSA. The industry is also looking towards future technologies like mechanical vapour recompression, which is still in development but expected to make a considerable impact in the coming years. These innovations are part of a broader industry goal to reduce carbon footprints and enhance energy efficiency across all operations.

Research Insights: Implications for Healthcare and Hygiene

The TSA presented compelling new research showing that domestic washing machines often harbor bacteria, which can pose serious health risks, particularly in healthcare settings. This finding is critical for the NHS, which currently encourages healthcare workers to launder uniforms at home. The research challenges the effectiveness of home laundering in killing bacteria, suggesting a potential risk of contamination and the spread of infections. This underscores the essential role of professional laundry services in ensuring higher standards of hygiene and safety.

TSA and Government Engagement: Elevating Industry Priorities

A significant objective of the conference was to strengthen the laundry industry’s interaction with government bodies. The TSA aims to raise awareness among policymakers about the pivotal role of laundry services in critical sectors, highlighting its necessity akin to utilities like gas, water, and electricity. By engaging more actively with MPs and raising pertinent questions in parliament, the industry can secure a more prominent place in policy discussions, ensuring that its needs and challenges are adequately addressed.

Guest Speaker Insights: John Sergeant’s Contributions

John Sergeant, as the headline speaker, brought a refreshing perspective to the conference. His discussions about his career in broadcast journalism added a personal touch, reminding attendees of the importance of storytelling and public engagement. His presence underscored the conference’s diverse agenda, which not only focused on technical and business aspects but also on the broader social and cultural implications of our work.

The TSA Spring Conference 2024 was a landmark event for CanDo Laundry Services, filled with invaluable insights and opportunities for strategic development. The knowledge and connections gained during the conference will undoubtedly influence our approach and initiatives, helping us to better navigate the dynamic landscape of the laundry industry.

As we continue to reflect on the enriching experiences and the wealth of knowledge shared at the TSA Spring Conference 2024, we invite those interested in learning more about CanDo Laundry Services’ commitment to sustainability to explore further. To see how we are actively implementing eco-friendly practices within our operations, please visit our blog post, “Embracing Eco-Friendly Laundry Practices.” This article delves into our strategies and innovations designed to enhance sustainability and efficiency in our services. Follow this link to read more: Embracing Eco-Friendly Laundry Practices. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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