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When considering a change of laundry supplier, comparison is certainly the way forward. Most organisations only compare a cost analysis without looking at the wider benefits and the importance on fundamental services.

6 Comparisons you need to consider

  1. Reliability of Service
  2. Level of Reject Rate
  3. Quality of Linen
  4. Delivery Schedule
  5. Added Benefits
  6. Level of Customer Support Offered

False economy can fool any organisation to sign a lengthy contract on the basis of a white paper cost saving. Don’t be fooled, pay peanuts and receive….. as the saying goes.

We’d recommend comparing apples with apples.

We at CanDo Laundry Services can offer your organisation a complete Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service Solution. We provide a high volume, high quality Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service with added benefits many laundries simply don’t offer. Whether it’s the cleaning of your own linen or the flexible linen hire of our stock, we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Our Process

  1. Collection
    Our Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service process begins with a reliable, friendly, clock-work collection and delivery service. We offer flexibility as needed and we cover the whole of West Wales at minimum twice a week. As a local commercial laundry service, we’re able to respond to your needs to provide a flexible and effective solution. All linen is cleaned and processed at our modern commercial laundry in Port Talbot.
  2. Sorting & Cleaning
    Our Carmarthen Commercial Laundry  is pre-sorted to categorise types of linen to ensure we correctly process the linen with our industry leading techniques. Human involvement is very important to us right through our process to ensure we maintain our high quality standards.
  3. Pressing
    Once the linen has been unbeatably cleaned, it moves to our finishing area. Our brand new state of the art machinery is able to dry and press 20 metres of linen every minute. All staff are trained to the highest of standards via our in-house, leading development program.
  4. Quality Compliance & Packaging
    Linen is rigorously checked and signed off via our quality compliance procedure. We utilise environmentally friendly packaging to minimise the use of disposable plastic. 80% of the linen we clean is transported via trolley cages to improve transportation and end product.
  5. Delivery
    Our dedicated delivery vehicles then make their way to your organisation to deliver our hand finished, unbeatable fresh linen.

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