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Choosing Commercial Laundry Service

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Choosing a Commercial Laundry Service can be a pain and stress free experience…..If you know what to look for

We understand finding an alternative laundry service provider can be labour intensive, difficult and confusing. As an organisation this may be the first time considering an outsourced laundry service solution. We at CanDo Laundry Services has been recognised amongst a range of leading awards for our forward thinking approach, our customer service excellence and our industry leading service. Therefore we have broken the four main segments to consider when considering a commercial laundry service.

1. Organisation Background

Commercial Laundry Service

When considering a vital service to any organisation due diligence is required. This small amount of ground work will put the working relationship in good stead for many years to come. Reliability and quality will speak volumes for itself when the results affect standards of your tables or beds. In some commercial laundry service facilities best practices are not applied. We recommend any potential client visiting the commercial laundry facility to determine its cleanliness and level of quality it provides.

2. Understand The True Cost Of Each Item

Whilst cost is an important factor in any organisation, many fail to acknowledge the true cost of each item. When considering a commercial laundry service provider, spreadsheets or a fancy price lists with hugely discounted prices will seem appealing. Remember step 1, do the diligence. However the cost provided by the commercial laundry service will not result in the true cost you as the customer will pay.

For example: a member of staff makes the bed, takes a step back to evaluate the work and realises there is a stain, he/she would have to strip the bed once again and remake it with clean, unstained linen. The time taken to remake the bed in labour alone if allocated to the source of the fault i.e. duvet cover then the cost of that item is no longer pence but a couple of pound.

With our services we provide less than 1% return rate meaning your staff can efficiently and cost effectively carry out their task at hand.

3. Seek Testimonials 

This fundamental step of seeking testimonials from long-stead customers will provide a greater understanding of the level of service the laundry service provider currently provides. We recommend seeking contact information of existing clients and speak to them first hand. Understand the pros and cons of choosing this particular provider. Do they provide on time scheduled deliveries? Provide quality cleaning fit for purpose? Gathering this information is important.

We would more than happy to provide testimonials and details of our clients to share their views of our award recognised laundry service.

We not only recommend you take these three steps before you change or consider an alternative laundry provider, CanDo Laundry Services promotes these three steps. We are extremely confident in our services and ability to ensure we grow and develop together for years to come.

If you have any requirements you would like to discuss or require guidance when choosing a commercial laundry provider we provide a free consultation.