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CanDo Laundry Services strikes collaboration deal with Commercial Laundry Software Bundle Connect.

Automation plays such a vital role in the space of manufacturing and production. It’s almost compulsory to implement in order to accommodate the ever changing demands of the commercial laundry industry.

We have continued to organically grow and develop within an industry which quite frankly hasn’t got a great reputation. Why is this? The industry continues to over commit themselves and fails to deliver on its promises.

Up until now we have been extremely fortunate with Daniels’ guidance and development to maintain regimental internal process that has served us well for many years. However with our vision and scale of operation, we needed to find a solution to implement continuity across multiple sites.

Bundle Connects commercial laundry software offers us the ability to streamline process and capitalise on efficiencies. The comprehensive system is adaptable and extremely user friendly to ensure our main stakeholders see the advantages this system offers.

Michael Johns, CEO travelled across the water from New Zealand to South Wales to finalise the partnership. Michael said “The collaboration between both organisations provides a great foundation for us to fine tune our system for the UK market. Meeting Dan and the team it’s clear to see how CanDo Laundry Services is making waves in the commercial laundry industry worldwide. We’re really excited for what the future holds. Watch this space.”