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Easy Guide to Better Linen Management

Easy guide to Linen Management

What is Linen Management?

Good linen management is super important for people who clean and for businesses that take care of guests. Here’s why:

First off, it’s all about making guests happy. When the bed sheets and towels are clean and nice, guests feel good during their stay. People judge how clean and good a hotel is based on the bed sheets, too.

Also, keeping things in order with the linens helps the hotel look good and be thought of as a professional place. It’s not just about looking good, though. It makes the daily work smoother by keeping track of what linens are there, making sure laundry is done well, and getting new linens when needed.

And guess what? It’s not just about looks; it’s about keeping things healthy, too. By being of top of linen management and making sure the linens are clean, we keep away germs and things that can make people sick. 

Being good to the environment is also part of good linen management. We can use eco-friendly practices and follow rules to keep things safe and nice for everyone.

So, to sum it up, taking care of linens is super important. It makes guests happy, makes the hotel look good, keeps things running smoothly, and even helps the environment. It’s a big deal for businesses that want to do well and make people happy.

Let’s make linen management a breeze. This guide breaks it down into simple steps for a smooth stock take and a well-organized linen world.

Step 1: Get Ready for Stock Take

Sort Soiled Linen:

Before the stock take, finish up with all the dirty laundry. No new stuff for now, just focus on what’s there.

Pick the Right Time:

Do the stock take on collection/delivery days. It’s crucial for a well-timed linen routine.

Step 2: The Counting Game

Count Everything:

Go through each area – rooms, storage spots, and more. Count every linen piece to get the full picture.

Wrap it Up:

After counting, finalize your results. You’re the one steering this organized ship.
Capture the Moment: Snap a pic or scan your results. Share them at to keep everyone in the loop.

Step 3: Post-Stock Take Moves

Unload as Usual:

Once the stock take is done, unload your delivery as you normally would. Keep the linen flow steady.

Separate the Newbies:

If a delivery is late, keep the new dirty laundry separate. No mixing with the already counted stuff.

Hold Off on Laundry:

Don’t send the new laundry to the cleaning crew just yet. Keep it separate until further notice.

Step 4: What Comes Next in Linen Management?

Info Exchange:

We know what’s in your delivery, and you’ve shared how much linen is on-site. Team effort at its best.

Linen Cleaning:

The sorted dirty laundry gets a deep clean. It’s part of our commitment to top-notch linen care.

Results on the Way:

Expect an email with detailed results one week after your stock take email. We’re keeping you in the loop on your linen world.

The Linen Equation:

Delivered Items + Stock Take Items + Collected (Soiled) Items = Items in Circulation. It’s the simple math that sums up your linen world.

Your hands hold the key to a smooth linen routine. Here’s to keeping things fresh and your efforts shining.

For enquiries or a stock take counting sheet, contact us below:

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