CanDo Laundry Services

Llanelli Commercial Laundry Service

We are very pleased to announce CanDo Laundry Services has today ventured its Hotel Linen Services into the area of Llanelli, South Wales.

For the past 6 months CanDo Laundry Services has concentrated on business development in the Commercial Hotel Linen Services across South West Wales. Due to the demand for a Llanelli Commercial Laundry Services with an unbeatable fresh quality all round service in the textile industry; ranging from the quality of the laundry, to the time keeping of the deliveries – the decision has been taken to welcome all those with Llanelli Commercial Laundry Services.

The success has been driven by the core ethics of the business along with providing a service that many competitors simply cannot match. Within the textile service industry there are 5 major competitors that CanDo Laundry Services faces every day of business. There operations focus on mass quantities at such a low-cost per unit; many wonder how on Earth is it possible to carry out a quality Llanelli Commercial Laundry Services when they charge pennies per item.

Reality speaks volumes. It’s very simple; they cannot provide a quality laundry service when charging pennies per item. When focusing on large quantities to increase economies of scale, these organisations cannot afford to put the time, effort, chemicals etc into a piece of linen. Meaning the Linen is returned to you with stains and creases from their automatic operations. Many of them deal with such high volumes of Linen that their stock control is basically nonexistent – this then provides a problem for your organisation as you may receive Linen that may not belong to you or vise-verse find that the correct stock isn’t being returned to you.

CanDo Laundry Services tries to be as competitive as possible to compete on price with these 5 major competitors, however our quality of Llanelli Commercial Laundry Services is far superior. Our linen is designated to each organisation, this allows us to Launder the Linen separately for each organisation. Ensuring the quality of laundry can be checked by our hands on Laundry Technicians and the correct Linen will be returned to you.

Our customer care really lives on the motto ‘Unbeatable Fresh Laundry’ as we will go to the end of the Earth to fulfil your requirements! CanDo Laundry Services deals with organisations starting with 4 beds to large organisations with 200+ beds. Our semi-automated process allows us to cope with large amounts of Linen but gives us the control to manage quality control and maintain our 99% stain removal service.