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Why Cardiff Hotels Need A Reliable & Quality Laundry Provider…

The tourism sector is worth 4.2bn to Wales according to an article published by the Wales Online in 2014.

Thousands of people flock to our beautiful country every year to visit our beaches, mountains and cities. However Cardiff & The Vale of Glamorgan is one of the main factors drawing in new tourism to the country when it accounts for more than 1bn of the total £5.3bn spent by tourist in Wales during a year.

“Bosses have welcomed latest figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, which show Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan contributed some of the highest tourist spends per head in Wales – more than £2,747per person in a year.” – According to the Wales Online Article.

With these statistics it is no wonder organisations in the industry are trying to differentiate themselves to take advantage of this every growing sector. One way to do this is laundry and linen.

Many hotels and venues in Cardiff fail to recognise the importance of beautiful, fresh, clean linen and the impact this has to customer experiences. Clean linen is an expectation everyone has, yet very few venues are able to provide it.

The linen being delivered for use does not meet the customer’s expectation and essentially affects the profile of your organisation through customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews. The importance of a reliable and quality driven commercial laundry service speaks volumes when it contributes to an unforgettable and comfortable stay.

We at CanDo Laundry Services  have researched the industry in Cardiff to obtain key information on your needs and wants of a commercial hotel laundry service like us. We learnt the need for a quality driven linen services not only provides an efficiency housekeeping department but streamlines labour and saves unnecessary costs.

We use a unique blend of carefully selected chemicals to provide you with a 99% stain removal service. This eliminates the possibility for customer dissatisfaction.

If you find yourself understanding the importance of a reliable commercial laundry service in Cardiff and need to make a change in supplier without stress then consider CanDo Laundry Services.

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