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Table Linen that is Better Brighter Whiter Fresher

First impressions make lasting impressions when it comes to your customers. Your table linen needs to make a statement. The quality, cleanliness and style speaks volumes about your establishment. It entices your customers to return and experience the moment again. If your linen is spotless, beautiful and impeccably presented, customers will anticipate the same standard of cuisine. Be assured to meet this expectation.

Why Choose Us?

There is nothing quite like a dinning experience with table linen, and napkins. We deliver unforgettable experiences that bring your guests back time and time again.

If you’re considering table linen or working with a professional commercial laundry service you’ve probably set the bar high already.

Deliver the ‘wow’ with beautifully cleaned table cloths, bright white napkins and eloquent staff uniform. You’re guests will leave with an experience they’ll never forget.

We have an amazing range of restaurant laundry services that we tailor to your specifications. No restaurant is the same.

What linen?

  • Table Cloths
  • Slip Cloths 
  • Napkins
  • Table Runners
  • Chef’s Wear
  • Waiter Cloths
  • Oven Cloths

Delivering your experience time and time again requires commitment and focus. Managing your restaurant laundry service can be a distraction, especially if your cleaning linen in-house. 

It’s best to concentrate your efforts on your specialities and outsource restaurant linen to compliment your customer experience. You’ll save time, labour, costs, utilities, consumables and human errors when you choose to outsource your restaurant laundry service requirements

Linen Hire

Have you have considered linen hire? Linen hire is a capital free solution tailored specifically to your textile requirements. Hire textiles like you would hire a car, on a pay as you go basis. We’ll maintain the textiles to ensure your guests dine on the very best linen.

Got a requirement you’d like to talk about? We’re by your side every step of the way.