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Football Kit Cleaning Tips

This process can be time consuming to follow these football kit cleaning tips. CanDo Laundry Services offers a full sports kit cleaning service from £10 + VAT for the whole football team kit.

1. Football Kit Cleaning Tips | Tackle It ASAP

It’s very tempting as a mum or dad to leave our child’s football kit in the bag until we’re ready to face laundry day. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find this whole process more difficult if you leave the kit for days. Tackle the kit as soon as you walk through the door.

First things first. Remove the loose mud. Use COLD water, never hot. Swill the kit in a utility sink to remove the lumps of sand and mud. Don’t have a utility sink? Put the kit on a clothes horse (or wall) outside and swill it down with your hosepipe.

2. Football Kit Cleaning Tips | Pre-soak

Your football kit should no longer have loose sand or mud on it after following tip 1. 

Now, fill a large sink or bucket with COLD water (hot water will set the stain into the fabric) and put a cup of biological washing powder in the sink/bucket. (Biological washing powder is an enzyme based powder and breaks down natural stains far better than non-bio washing powder). 

Secondly add a cup of oxidizing stain remover (such as vanish). Domestically I would use Lidl’s W5 own brand oxidizing stain remover (it does exactly the same thing as vanish).

Use gloves and and give the football kit a good rub in the tub! Ensure the powder has completely dissolved and the football kit is fully submersed. The longer you leave the kit soak the better. I’d recommend at least 2-4 hours, however leave it overnight for the best results.

Is the football kit really really dirty? Change the water and repeat the football kit cleaning tip 2.

3. Football Kit Cleaning Tips | Pre-wash

Ensure your machine has a pre-wash option and take advantage of it. 

This allows the main wash to be as clean as possible. Use a cup of biological washing powder and half a cup of oxidizing stain remover in the pre-wash. Do the same for the main wash but use a full cup of oxidizing stain remover this time. 

This gives plenty of opportunity for the oxygen bubbles to work their magic on the football kit.

4. Football Kit Cleaning Tips | Chlorine Bleach

Simple tip, don’t use it. You’re wasting your time as it will have little affect on grass and mud stains. Stick to the oxidizing stain remover.

5. Football Kit Cleaning Tips | Drying

To guarantee no shrinkage it’s best to air dry your football kit. However it is possible to tumble dry the football kit on a low heat. The best suggestion is to follow the manufacturers instructions.