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Rugby Kit Cleaning

Little Tips For Rugby Kit Cleaning

Rugby kit cleaning can be an absolute nightmare for most! Especially during the autumn & winter months with the rain making the pitches muddy, and especially difficult to make those kits clean again.

These tips are designed specifically to help you when you’re dealing with one individual kit, this method would not be applied to a full team.

CanDo Laundry Services can  clean full rugby kits for as little as £10 + vat! We ensure your clubs’ kit is returned clean and fresh before you get down and dirty.

Rugby Kit Cleaning | Step 1

Make sure you don’t allow the mud to set itself within the fibers of the material. Even if you don’t feel like doing the laundry you’ve got to address this rugby kit before it’s too late! Fill a small bucket with warm water and remove the clumps of mud that will do no favors for your machine. Don’t be too fussy, as long as there are no clumps of mud you are doing just fine!

Rugby Kit Cleaning | Step 2

Make sure your washing machine has a ‘Pre-Wash’ option. This will give the kit a quick wash before its main wash to prevent the rugby kit from being cleaned in dirty water. Biological washing powder/detergent is far better at removing natural stains and odors (such as mud, blood, food etc) than Non-Biological washing powder/detergent. Put a cup measurement of Biological powder in the pre-wash draw.

Rugby Kit Cleaning | Step 3

The Main Wash. It is crucial you have stain remover to hand to withstand any chance of removing the mud for the garments. You should put a cup of Biological powder in the main wash compartment along with a cup of stain remover (for household purposes we would recommend Lidls W5 stain remover). Adding a fabric conditioner will give the garments a vibrant smell and will make them soft on the skin.

Rugby Kit Cleaning | Step 4

After the cycle is finished the rugby kits should be clean. However if there are some stubborn patches which refuse to budge apply stain remover directly onto the stain with a damp cloth and agitate the area until the powder forms a paste like texture. Work the area for 5 minutes. If you have time to spare leave the garments soak in hot water with a cup of stain remover. Then repeat Steps 1 – 3.

We hope you can make some use of our Rugby Kit Cleaning Tips!