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Laundering Tablecloths


Laundering Tablecloths – Festive Christmas Table

Unfortunately, a house is not so conducive to tablecloths in the christmas season of life.  At least not at the kitchen table where you eat multiple times a day.  Little people under 5 and tablecloths don’t seem to be a good match in any house.

However, many are fortunate to also have a small dining room in the home and I’m sure everyone loves dressing a tablecloth on the table during the holidays.  For some reason, it just seems more festive.

And a tablecloth also makes a room seem more put together.  A nice finished look.

But aren’t tablecloths fairly high-maintenance?

Well, they certainly can be.

But if you know what steps to take, maintenance can be predictable and easy.

1. Laundering Tablecloths – Washing

When laundering tablecloths always wash your tablecloths on the warm/hot cycle.  And preferably wash them in a front loader.  They can easily wrap themselves around the agitator in a top-loading machine.  This just puts more strain on the cloth than necessary. And it’s also a pain to try to unwind after the cycle is completed.

If you need to pre-treat with a stain remover, make sure it is not going to bleach the fabric by testing it on the inside seam.  Some tablecloths are not made with color-safe dyes and will  bleed/fade/bleach easily. Usually varnish does the trick nicely but can be expensive! Usually a supermarket brand also does the job nicely – Lidl’s own brand is especially good! It’s called W5!

If there are no greasy spots on the tablecloth, wash on warm/hot.

If there are greasy food stains, treat with stain remover directly onto the stain. Create a stain remover paste in a cup before hand. To do this – put two tablespoons of stain remover in a cup and add small amounts of water until it’s in a paste. Apply this directly onto the stain with a cloth and work/agitate the stain in a circular motion for approximately five minutes and wash on warm/hot (please follow the manufacturer’s instructions). If the stain still stubbornly remains on a pure white tablecloth, don’t be afraid to use some normal household bleach to step things up a notch!

Use a biological washing powder as its better at removing natural elements rather than non-biological powder. Don’t forget to add stain remover also! If you’re able to add laundry starch – we’d recommend you do it for a better result when it comes to ironing!

2. Laundering Tablecloths – Drying

Dry your tablecloth on the warm setting until it is mostly dry. Please make sure the cloth has a damp feel to it when you touch it. The moisture makes things a lot easier when it comes to ironing!

So now it’s time for the ironing!

3. Laundering Tablecloths – Ironing 

Iron your tablecloth on the highest setting the fabric can tolerate (Please check manufacturer’s instructions)

Be very careful with this part – you don’t want scorch marks/ hot spots on your fabric!

If it is a heavy 100% cotton, you can probably iron it on a relatively high heat.  If it is a delicate fabric or has hand painting (or something equally delicate), iron on a very low setting.

As with the stain treatment, test the iron on an inside seam.

It is best to iron a delicate tablecloth on the reverse side of the fabric.  That way, you don’t run the risk of creating that shiny appearance on the correct side if you have to use a hotter heat.

If you’ve chosen to fold your tablecloth directly from the dryer, it is going to have the classic square folding lines.

Laundering Tablecloths – Square Folding Lines

Only ironing will get rid of these.  Despite what other sources claim, a hot steamy shower or hanging on a curtain rod just won’t do the trick.

Take the time to steam them out with your iron.  It will look so much more presentable, not to mention looking like its been done by a professional laundry service.

4. Laundering Tablecloths – Storage

We have found that the best way to store an ironed tablecloth is to lightly fold the cloth in thirds or quarters and ever so gently drape it across a strut/wire hanger. (A strut hanger is the classic trouser hanger you’d receive from us if you have had dry cleaning or ironing done with us.) If possible place a garment protector over the hanger and tablecloth to prevent dust settling!

If you’ve taken the time to care for your tablecloth, it can be a lovely focal point to an otherwise simple room.


Swansea Laundry Services

Swansea Laundry Services

CanDo Swansea Laundry Services a convenient and modern solution for your laundry and dry cleaning. Most of are simply too busy to do the laundry. CanDo Swansea Laundry Services offers a complete assured drop off and pick up laundry service. We have a complete, self-contained building in Swansea – for the sole purpose of laundry and linen services.

Wash & Dry Only £2.75 Per Kg

Our machinery is serviced and maintained regularly to provide the highest quality cleaning results for your linen. Our machinery has the latest technology available.

For example ‘Smart Dry’. Our machinery notifies a member of staff when your items are dry. This eliminates human error when drying your linen. Our laundry washers are programmed to automatically dose a blend of unique chosen chemicals. Our unique choice of chemicals achieves a 99% stain removal success rate.

Our Choice Of Laundry Chemicals

Swansea Laundry Services Chemicals

Most launderettes stick to the basic powders that you would use at home. This shouldn’t be the case if you’re paying for a professional service.

CanDo Swansea Laundry Services uses a range of professional chemicals that remove specific stains. These chemicals are only available within the laundry industry and our results speak volumes.

Ironing Only £3.75 Per Kg

All members of staff are trained in house over an eight week training program. Our training enables our staff to deal with your linen in the most professional manor to achieve the highest cleaning results.

We not only service the Swansea area but will travel any distance needed.

Laundry Price List

Single Duvet£11.50
Double Duvet£15.20
King Duvet£16.30
(Please add £10.00 for feather duvets)
Wash & Dry£2.70 Per Kg
General Ironing£3.75 Per Kg
Childrens Ironing£4.50 Per Kg
General Wash, Dry & Ironing£6.00 Per Kg
Children Wash, Dry & Ironing£6.50 Per Kg
Please note shirts are charged separately at £1.65 per shirt.

Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service

Quality, Trusted & Multi-Award Winning Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service

When considering a change of laundry supplier, comparison is certainly the way forward. Most organisations only compare a cost analysis without looking at the wider benefits and the importance on fundamental services.

6 Comparisons you need to consider

  1. Reliability of Service
  2. Level of Reject Rate
  3. Quality of Linen
  4. Delivery Schedule
  5. Added Benefits
  6. Level of Customer Support Offered

False economy can fool any organisation to sign a lengthy contract on the basis of a white paper cost saving. Don’t be fooled, pay peanuts and receive….. as the saying goes.

We’d recommend comparing apples with apples.

We at CanDo Laundry Services can offer your organisation a complete Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service Solution. We provide a high volume, high quality Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service with added benefits many laundries simply don’t offer. Whether it’s the cleaning of your own linen or the flexible linen hire of our stock, we maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Our Process

  1. Collection
    Our Carmarthen Commercial Laundry Service process begins with a reliable, friendly, clock-work collection and delivery service. We offer flexibility as needed and we cover the whole of West Wales at minimum twice a week. As a local commercial laundry service, we’re able to respond to your needs to provide a flexible and effective solution. All linen is cleaned and processed at our modern commercial laundry in Port Talbot.
  2. Sorting & Cleaning
    Our Carmarthen Commercial Laundry  is pre-sorted to categorise types of linen to ensure we correctly process the linen with our industry leading techniques. Human involvement is very important to us right through our process to ensure we maintain our high quality standards.
  3. Pressing
    Once the linen has been unbeatably cleaned, it moves to our finishing area. Our brand new state of the art machinery is able to dry and press 20 metres of linen every minute. All staff are trained to the highest of standards via our in-house, leading development program.
  4. Quality Compliance & Packaging
    Linen is rigorously checked and signed off via our quality compliance procedure. We utilise environmentally friendly packaging to minimise the use of disposable plastic. 80% of the linen we clean is transported via trolley cages to improve transportation and end product.
  5. Delivery
    Our dedicated delivery vehicles then make their way to your organisation to deliver our hand finished, unbeatable fresh linen.

National Commercial Laundry

We’ve Cleaned Up…

On the 2nd of November CANDO Laundry Services visited the beautiful Mercedes World in Surrey and walked away, crowned National Commercial Laundry of The Year (SME). What a fantastic evening it was, to be surrounded by such amazing cars provided an amazing platform to celebrate the commercial laundry industry.

Over 250 different organisations came together to celebrate the amazing successes we’ve all experienced this year.

CANDO Laundry Services was hugely fortunate to be crowned National Commercial Laundry of The Year (SME) beating over 1000 applicants for the title. This accolade came at the end of our relocation project where we’ve increased our processing capacity by 600%.

National Commercial Laundry of The Year (SME) – What does this mean?

The judges quoted, “Having specialised in the commercial laundry and linen renal industry for the last three years, CANDO Laundry Services has experienced exponential growth, pushing production capacity to the limits.

To facilitate the fast growing business, the company has recently opened an industrial laundry facility in Port Talbot.  This new operation is expected to achieve 150,000 items per week and revenue in excess of £1.5 million when at full capacity.

The judges were very impressed with this young company, and especially by its attention to detail in all areas of its operation.” – LADAS Quote.

It just goes to show the unanimous determination within CanDo Laundry Services to positively effect an age old industry and catapult it into the 21st century by way of service and mindset.

To round up the last 11 months, CANDO Laundry Services has increased capacity and facilities by 600%. We’ve capitalised on the economy of scale whilst introduced new trade processes to ensure a consistent smooth delivery of services for years to come.

On top of this fantastic achievement, CANDO Laundry Services is set to feature in a new BBC four part documentary highlighting the positive impact young entrepreneurs have in Wales.


Commercial Laundry Cardiff

Why Cardiff Hotels Need A Reliable & Quality Laundry Provider…

The tourism sector is worth 4.2bn to Wales according to an article published by the Wales Online in 2014.

Thousands of people flock to our beautiful country every year to visit our beaches, mountains and cities. However Cardiff & The Vale of Glamorgan is one of the main factors drawing in new tourism to the country when it accounts for more than 1bn of the total £5.3bn spent by tourist in Wales during a year.

“Bosses have welcomed latest figures, released by the Office for National Statistics, which show Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan contributed some of the highest tourist spends per head in Wales – more than £2,747per person in a year.” – According to the Wales Online Article.

With these statistics it is no wonder organisations in the industry are trying to differentiate themselves to take advantage of this every growing sector. One way to do this is laundry and linen.

Many hotels and venues in Cardiff fail to recognise the importance of beautiful, fresh, clean linen and the impact this has to customer experiences. Clean linen is an expectation everyone has, yet very few venues are able to provide it.

The linen being delivered for use does not meet the customer’s expectation and essentially affects the profile of your organisation through customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews. The importance of a reliable and quality driven commercial laundry service speaks volumes when it contributes to an unforgettable and comfortable stay.

We at CanDo Laundry Services  have researched the industry in Cardiff to obtain key information on your needs and wants of a commercial hotel laundry service like us. We learnt the need for a quality driven linen services not only provides an efficiency housekeeping department but streamlines labour and saves unnecessary costs.

We use a unique blend of carefully selected chemicals to provide you with a 99% stain removal service. This eliminates the possibility for customer dissatisfaction.

If you find yourself understanding the importance of a reliable commercial laundry service in Cardiff and need to make a change in supplier without stress then consider CanDo Laundry Services.


3 Ways to Ensure You Have a Happy Hotel Guest

In a world where technology is so powerful, making sure your hotel guest walks out of your establishment with a smile is more important than ever. We have put together the top 3 fundamentals for hotels to ensure you receive that excellent review at the end of your customer’s stay:

1. Hotel Quality

Hotel Guest Laundry Service

Quality. From your soap to your linen. Going cheap can seriously affect the luxury feel of your hotel and therefore affect the overall stay of your hotel guest. For example, the quality of your bed linen is vital to ensure your customers have a good night sleep. By choosing CanDo Laundry- an expert in the linen industry, you can ensure that your customers receive that luxurious night sleep whilst providing your hotel a hassle-free solution.

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2. Hotel Benefit

Benefit. What is the benefit of staying at your hotel? May it be the convenience to an attraction or the guarantee of a good night sleep, it is important to know your features and the advantages they bring to your customers. Ensure your customers feel extra special by providing that additional service that may be overlooked by other hotels. This may be extra pillows on the bed or a shuttle bus to a local attraction, by doing so you are providing your guest with the finest possible experience whilst they are staying with you. By providing this
service through your friendly and helpful staff, you allow your guests to see the benefit in returning to your hotel.

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3. Hotel Value

Value. In a world of overwhelming choices, hotels must convey value in everything they do to stand out from the crowd. By ensuring your customers receive good customer service and great benefits, you are increasing the value of your hotel. Every hotel guest’s perception of value may differ, however by ensuring you’re on top of your service, quality and relationships, you can allow your guests to see value for money in your establishment.


6 Benefits Outsourcing Laundry & Linen


Labour costs are one of the most expensive for any business therefore by outsourcing laundry to an external commercial laundry and linen provider, you’re making a smart business decision as your team can be deployed to other areas of the business. Plus, if someone is sick, you don’t have to spend countless hours in front of the ironer.

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Lacking space in your business? We all know that laundry takes up a lot of space and storage. By outsourcing laundry to a commercial laundry and linen provider you are allowing your business to utilise this space for an alternative use. An additional bedroom, spa, office space…..the list is endless!

Outsourcing Laundry


By choosing a rental agreement with CanDo you’re eliminating the worry regarding maintenance and supply of your linen.  We remove your headaches and worries. With our excellent system we can calculate and advise your organisation on how many pieces of linen you may require on rental.

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Outsourcing to a commercial laundry and linen provider means an efficient turnaround for your linen, which also means that your soiled linen won’t be sitting around longer than it needs to. Chemistry is a big part of any laundering process. We’re expertly trained to deal with all types of stains.

Outsourcing to CanDo allows you to have a piece of mind as you know your linen will be washed and delivered in economical time and speed.


As the 17th Best Laundry Worldwide, CanDo’s standards are hard to beat. As a reliable business, CanDo ensures that all linen is persistently serviced to the highest quality standard, ensuring the sweetest dreams for your guests.

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When you need the support of your laundry partner, that’s when you experience the true value of service. We understand that vital role linen has to play in your organisation. We strive to ensure linen and laundry simply fades into the background of your operation. Allowing you to concentrate on other areas of the business.


COVID19 Laundry Procedures

COVID19 is an unprecedented time for us all, and in light of this we have developed immediate procedures to take the necessary precautions.  

It’s vital to share best practices in order to combat this deadly virus to provide a vital service to many organisations during this time. That’s why we have created  5 COVID19 Laundry Procedures:

5 COVID19 Laundry Procedures

  1. Disposable gloves and aprons are used when cleaning rooms and public areas.
  2. All soiled linen is placed inside a plastic bag. (Even if you use cages. Use plastic bags before placing bags in a cage).
  3. Do not have any loose soiled textiles on site. Place them in a plastic bag and ensure you contact your laundry provider to collect and process the linen as soon as possible.
  4. Soiled linen is stored in a separate room/space from clean linen.
  5. Any textiles being cleaned onsite must achieve a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 3 minutes to achieve thermal decontamination.

Read More: Decontamination of Linen for Health and Social Care (HTM 01-04)

Further and in-depth information regarding the decontamination of linen can be found by following the link to the government published document detailing the HTM 01-04 guidelines.


3 Benefits of a Reusable Face Cover

Covid-19 can spread when an infected individual coughs or sneezes. With a reusable face cover it helps to prevent the droplets from landing on surfaces as well as being inhaled by others. This is why it was recommended by the British Government that the public should wear face covers in confined areas such as public transport and when social distancing is difficult.

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Reusable Face Covers

As face masks are in high demand, the British government has recommended that the public wear a reusable face cover instead of face masks, to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

1. How They Help to Protect You

Although face covers are there to protect others, it can also help protect you in a certain way. We have told time and time again since the beginning of the pandemic that we must wash our hands and not touch our face. This is sometimes easier said than done. Wearing a face cover helps you protect your face from your potentially infected hands as your mouth and nose are covered.

2. How They Help Protect Others

The main benefit of face covers is that it helps protect others. Although face covers won’t eliminate you catching the virus, it could prevent you spreading it to your family and friends. The idea is if everyone wore face covers in confined spaces, it will reduce cross-contamination. Some individuals are A-symptomatic and do not have the usual symptoms such as coughing. If you have Covid-19, but don’t realise it yet, wearing a face cover can help protect others from infection.

3. How Reusable Face Covers Saves The Planet

Face overs are recommended in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in confined spaces. It is important to note that face covers can help protect the public, but only if it used correctly. You must clean face covers correctly in order to ensure it is most effective in protecting others. SafeFace (manufacturers of face covers) recommends that face covers are washed before use, as well as after each subsequent use of the mask.

Reusable face covers are sustainable and environmentally friendly as they are washable and saves landfill.

Make the conscious decision to protect the environment.  



We understand that every hospitality organisation is unique. Our guide is simply intended to prompt businesses to think about the responsibility each one of us has to reduce risk. Implementing specific measures within their own environment will help make their workplace safe. 

1. Risk Assessments

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to safeguard your employees and others to ensure health and safety risks are minimal. You must all understand that it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19. One way to mitigate the risk is by undertaking a risk assessment to identify the risks associated with your individual premises and work activities.

Guidance regarding COVID-19 risk assessments can be found on the HSE website.

Obtain support from your workforce to identify the risks can be a great way to provide inclusion for your team and allow them to recognise the extents of the business efforts to safeguard there well-being. 

Some key areas to focus on to take into account when conducting a risk assessment: 

  • Increasing the frequency of hand washing and cleaning.
  • If it’s possible; encourage working from home. Where not possible, comply to social distancing guidelines.
  • Where social distancing is not possible, mitigate the risk to staff and others by enforcing the use of PPE and sanitisation. 
  • Where appropriate, use screens or barriers to separate people from each other. 
  • Where appropriate utilise one-way traffic systems for footfall
  • Ensure textiles within the workplace meet thermal decontamination and are determined ‘safe’ to use.

2. Hygiene

Good hygiene across all settings is vital to maintain the reduction of transmission. Ensure hand washing is always inline with government guidelines. 

Ensure professionally clean and safe workwear is provided to all employees to safeguard themselves and others. Take the responsibility away from the individual to ensure your business is as COVID-19 secure as possible. 

WHO is recommended a cotton textile to be used when drying hands after hand washing. Consider using individual face cloths as hand towels and have them professionally cleaned. 

3. Staff Protection

The most important thing to bare in mind when protecting your workforce is the routes of transmission. Work out what actions can be done to reduce high risk contact areas of your organisation. Improve ventilation by opening windows and doors, regularly sanitise the identified high risk areas whilst implementing a cleaning schedule. 

Ensure PPE is utilised across the organisation in the form of face covers, disposable aprons and gloves. 

We’re manufacturing re-usable face covers for as little as £3.49 each. Get in touch for more information.

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We’d highly recommend providing your team with workwear to facilitate changing onsite after every shift. 

4. Utilise COVID Secure Textiles

Operating a hospitality organisation in normal circumstances can be challenging. Balancing the operational requirements with customer expectations is always fun. Now we have the added responsibility regarding How to Make Hospitality Organisations COVID19 Secure. 

One way of reducing operational requirements and protecting the interests of your guests and organisation is to utilise a commercial laundry service. Why? A commercial laundry service has the facilities and processes in place to accommodate the decontaminating requirements the fluctuating demand of the hospitality industry. 

We ensure all textiles reach thermal and chemical decontamination to provide COVID secure textiles for use and remove the operational burden to clean large volumes. Most providers will provide a fixed cost per item which allows you to accurately cost your textile requirements and reduce your operational headaches. 

5. Look for Value

During these strange times, it would be sensible to review supply changes. Reflect on which suppliers have been supportive through the pandemic, and which providers has continually tried to financial crucify you through lockdowns. Ask yourself, are they truly a partner you want to work with? 

The answer will obviously be no. 

It’s easy to focus on the ‘white paper’ cost of a service. Are you really comparing red apples with red apples? Cheap is never cheerful, and cheap is never best value. 

It’s best value we should concentrate our efforts to achieve in a supply partner. Does your supplier deal with issues efficiently, or do they bury their heads and fail to respond? Do they deliver on time? Do they charge you for hidden fees? Is their reject rate unacceptable? 

We provide probably the best valued service in the industry to ensure your organisation works like clockwork and without hassle.